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A Family of Like-Minded Doctors an Staff that are Driven to Make a Change

Part of our Team of over 65 International TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres at the 2022 Annual Centre Retreat

Centres of Excellence in the care of chronic headaches, facial pain and sleep-related breathing disorders for adults and children.  Leaders in research and education for the professional global community.  Dedicated to improving quality of life for all people.

Benefits of Becoming a Centre of Excellence:

  • Case Review with Other Centres of Excellence Owners
    Review difficult cases, pose treatments questions and get feedback on how others might proceed utilizing the same treatment protocols.
  • Shared Articles From the TMJSTCI Family
    TMJSTCI houses a Literature Library with all of the current and articles related to cranio facia pain and sleep-related breathing disorders for adults and children.
  • Monthly Centre of Excellence Webinars
    Each month TMJSTCI hosts an hour long webinar to review current protocols, new and updated forms, the newest technology, difficult and/or interesting cases and a review of the past month.
  • A Paperless Delivery System
    Using one of the most acclaimed software on the market, we have created proprietary forms for a paperless delivery system.
  • Personal Mentorship Program
    You receive a personalized mentorship and training program to meet the needs of your office. TSTCI Staff Come to You and train in your practice to develop you and your staff’s skills.
  • Continued Education
    Access for you and your staff to all TMJ & Sleep Therapy Courses at a reduced or complimentary rate and access to our Annual Centre Retreat at no cost to you!
  • International Presence
    With Centres of Excellence in 7 countries, we are changing the way healthcare is delivered. By partnering with other International leaders in the field, we have cemented our growing role in the global community.
  • Marketing Support
    TSTCI helps with a marketing plan to help you achieve your goals. We also provide a library of marketing materials already developed for use in your practice and can customize for your Centre.
  • Practice Management
    TSTCI will help you identify key roles for the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. A manual with suggested policies and day-to-day how-tos is also provided to help ease the introduction of a new system.
  • Discounts on Equipment and Supplies
    The TMJSTCI family receives special rates from our partners, such as BioReseach and Braebon.
  • Access to Dr. Olmos Training Video Library
    Secure access to a library of training videos developed by the TSTCI team to help you and your staff learn protocols and achieve patient acceptance goals.
  • Reduced Rate at Diamond Laboratory
    All Centres of Excellence receive a special rate with Diamond Orthotic laboratory and have access to all of our Certified Labs that can produce the Olmos Series of appliances.
  • Private Group Support for Questions
    All TMJSTCI doctors have access to this forum to discuss any topic you like. It could be cases, articles, courses, etc.

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Learn first-hand what other doctors think of our courses 

Here are just a few testimonials from our large network of doctors.  

Daniel G. Klauer, DDS

5.0 ★★★★★  a year ago

You will leave this course prepared to treat TMD and Sleep Disordered Breathing at a level you didn’t even know existed. No other CE program has delivered results like this one.  This will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your practice.

Ryan L. Skale, DDS

5.0 ★★★★★  a year ago

The TMJ & Sleep Therapy mini – residency was a game changer for me in how I evaluate and treat my entire patient base. I’ve always known there was a “blind-spot” in my evaluation and management of bruxers and patients with facial pain. Dr. Olmos’ course taught me more than I could ever imagine about chronic pain, airway and breathing concerns and bruxism. Most important, the material learned is supported by an unimaginable amount of researched literature references.

Joseph Baba, DDS

5.0 ★★★★★  a year ago

We have implemented Dr. Olmos’ TMD/Sleep and Ortho protocols for almost one year now. This approach has considerably raised the precision of our diagnosis, the speed of treatment and has consistently produced predictable resolution of our patient’s conditions. Implementing Dr. Olmos’ protocols has elevated our good track record to great.